The Big Help

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Monday June 26th, 2010 7:26 a.m.

Okay, so if you are reading this, then by  now you know of the great oil spill down there in the ocean right?  Well, if so, good!  If not, then keep reading this post.

The great oil spill is gushing out 20,000 gallons of oil per hour!  And everyone is doing nothing to stop it!  I think that’s morally wrong, and you can say they are trying to help (cuz they are) but the other day, there was this guy that worked down there to help end the oil spill, and he took the day off just to ride his boat around in the water.  I mean, DUMB ASS!!!

Anyways, I want to talk about Nickelodean’s THE BIG HELP.  THE BIG HELP is a great orginization to where you can find out what’s going on with the animals and the oil spill down in the ocean near Florida, and there are parts you can do to help.  Just go to www.nick.com/thebighelp to find out more, and help as much as you can.

We want to end this great oil spill a.s.a.p. and who knows, you clicking on that link, could save the animals getting covered in oil every day.

We can make a difference.  We can make a change.  So, log on to www.nick.com/thebighelp to not only find out more, but to help stop this oil spill, clean up the oil out of the ocean, and rescue the animals that are getting covered in the oil, and dying.

Go now, and make a difference.

~Justin Barnes


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